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Melbourne’s List T, Barristers’ Clerk at the Victorian Bar, comprises experienced and respected barristers. Tailoring your needs, List T provides Barristers offering expert legal advice and representation at all levels from VCAT to the High Court of Australia.

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Website created by List member: F John Morgan

List member, John Morgan has taken the innovative step of creating the ‘Tax Technical’ website: '[taxtech...

2016-04-20Terry HawkerRead more

List member, Dr Vicky Priskich has co-authored with Professor James O’Donovan a second edition of Lender Liability (2016), which is published by Thomson Reuters.

Lender liability is no longer the exclusive province of unscrupulous lenders. Most of Australia’s major b...

2016-06-07Vicky PriskichRead more

List T welcomes Christopher Micallef

List T is pleased to announce a new member has joined its exclusive List. Christopher Micallef -LLB (Hon...

2016-07-27Read more
At List T we represent some of Australia's most experienced & emerging barristers
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Located in the heart of the legal precinct at 555 Lonsdale Street, List T offers Victorian barristers not only a quicker, simpler way but an inexpensive method to bill, collect and account for professional fees, by using accessible web-based technology.

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